each photo is used 25 times... it can be used on a piece as small as 6"x6" wood + resin or a piece as large as 7 feet long and printed on metal. It can also be as simple as a matted photo... all are numbered and signed and kept track of in a registry.



Because I make 25 of each photo... they can be any size you like as long as there are still units left in the 25. Everything featured on the site is still available... if you see something at a show, but would like it smaller or larger... no problem... I make most of my pieces to order... all it requires is some patience and a nominal deposit.



I personally mount the photos onto the wood panels and pour the resin... something I learned how to do by watching YouTube videos... it took me about a year to really get the hang of it... but I now feel confident enough in my work to sell it... I put between 2 - 4 coats of resin on each piece... with all the coats and drying time it takes me at least a week to make just one piece... the resin totally cures in about 72 hours after the last coat... I then sand, stamp and sign each piece.



I'm not as hands on with the metal prints as it takes a special printer for this that I do not own, so these I have to send out to get done. But where I do shape things, is to decide which of my photos will work well as a metal print. I print on brushed metal and in that case, anything in the photo that is white does not print... therefore just the metal shows through and that is what catches the light and makes the print really special! Not every photo works with this type of printing, but when it does it is quite spectacular... the combination of the right photo and your everyday lighting can really make a piece come to life... but if you hang it in an area with no access to a large window or lighting it can lay flat... if you would like to discuss what works, I would be happy to spend some time going over what you need for this to really work on your wall.



Occasionally I make acrylic prints... this is a metallic print sandwiched in between a solid black backing with a thick translucent piece of acrylic on top... this type of print floats off the wall and has a sharp modern look... I find this works really well in corporate or commercial settings... if this is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact me for pricing.




I also sell matted prints at most of my shows and at The Arts Market at 1114 Queen St East... this way all of my photos are available to anyone regardless of price point... these are not available for sale online... rather, it's what is available at the show.